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The Cult of the Zenith.

A secret organisation within Azeroth, devoted to personal strength, the strength and sovereignty of the Horde, and the strength of their leader. They spare no expense and withhold no avenues – honorable combat, political/economic manipulation, and underhanded deceit play in their works.


This year’s storyline is Operation Devastation, and the current subplot is To Assassinate A Mage.

Addons: For links to recommended mods and short descriptions about them.

Events: For information about events, including Initiations and Sacraments.

PvP Strategies: Information for tactics and methods important to PvP.

Lore: Cult RP information.

RP Guides: How To Be A More Effective Role Player. A short guide.

Profession Guides: Tell me that engineers are not a pain to deal with in PvP?

Class Guides: Information pertinent to classes.

To join the site, please add Thoriendal.

We make use of Mumble for comms.

Main Page

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