To Assassinate A Mage

The February sub-plot for the Operation Devastation plotline, focusing primarily on initiating affairs for the new storyline. This subplot takes place canonically during the Love Festival of the year 33 ADP.

It was only after we lost everything that my people, the sin’dorei, lost their fear that held them back. We are ruthless now, a force worthy of supporting the Horde. During his attempt to provoke the humans into attack, Garrosh made a terrible mistake. He taught that same lesson to one of them.

In the control of the Kirin Tor is a magus who exists with fear of nothing, and a hatred for everything that the Horde is, was, and will be. They assaulted Go’el, Thrall to some, and attempted to kill him before their pet dragon intervened. In retaliation, they attempted to have the entire magocracy bear down it’s wrath on our heads, but was ensnared by politics. Repeatedly, they have shown and spoken of their desire to have every orc, ogre, tauren, goblin, forsaken, elf, and troll eliminated.

Jaina Proudmoore is a threat, and threats to the Horde must be neutralized.

Welcome to the subplot page for “To Assassinate A Mage”, Act 1 of “Operation Devastation”!

As suggested, Proudmoore is a threat that the Master can no longer overlook. As her outright elimination would cause widespread political backlash beyond what we desire at this time, more indirect steps to her removal must be maintained.

A careful provocation is in order, to establish her own personal wroth without directly causing war. When she is angry enough to lash out, we will have the Kirin Tor’s confidence in her diminished. If all succeeds, we shall shake her from the control of the city, or in the very least have her political support wane; enough so that she simply becomes a powerful mage, rather than a powerful mage in control of a large coalition of powerful mages in control of some of the world’s most powerful artifacts.

To achieve this aim, we strike at where she has shown her weakness to lie; her fellow human and allied mages. With enough of their blood and power spilled to the soil, we shall incite to her a rage that will be reminded wherever she travels, from Elwynn to the Netherstorm and beyond.

The criteria for victory are given below.

  • Your target must be eliminated.
  • No hostile witnesses may be allowed to survive.
  • A flag from one of the Horde capitals must be left near or in the body.
  • This proof will be rewarded, and retained as your entry for our “Reaper’s Raffle”.
  • Regardless of outcome, participation shall advance your portion of the storyline.

To Assassinate A Mage is expected to run until the Horde-wide call for gladiators is announced on the 9th day of March.

To Assassinate A Mage

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