Central to many of the ideals of the Cult of the Zenith are teachings by their leader, who has devoted many hours to penning wisdom on combat, personal strength, and the nature of the elements.

These scripts are read by the leaders of the cult, as inspiration to the brethren for battle, the purity of the cause, the aggressively poisonous nature of the Alliance races, and that the strong truly do rule the weak.

Such a reading is referred to as a ‘sermon’, and should be used to validate the matter at hand, for as the teachings of NRGNA provide us; “Without NSHKRYA all other steps are meaningless sounds to escape with your mortal breath”, without scripture, all other actions are simply empty gestures, doomed to perpetuate the cycle of decay.

Sermons may be performed before an Initiation or Sacrament to provide context and depth, and to liberate wisdom on the true nature of the world for the fellowship.


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