A joyous occasion, the Sacraments are great events that call the Cult together, so that they may partake in rituals for various times of importance. Normally, these events are held within lands the leaders consider ‘safe’, though this consideration may not align with all who attend.

The activities at such rituals tend to be violent, with fighting between members for contest, respect, or even simply out of the enjoyment of combat. They are a time when rules of aestheticism and discipline do not apply, when the rules the brethren must hold to blur and become easy to ignore.

It is advised that outsiders do not take part in such affairs, for the outcome may be dire.

Sacrament of Hatred

The Sacrament of Hatred is a bleeding, a holy right that allows the venting of rage and spite brethren may hold inside them. This practice allows grievances to air, grudges to resolve, and anger to subside, leaving the Cult healthier for the loss of such humors.

Indeed, beyond such purging, a lesson is also at hand, for you learn what can drive an opponent to anger, and how quickly one can lose control as the passions boil. Blinded to sense and reason, the angered will follow combat despite their predicament, despite the vulnerability they may suffer.

Such events may start with a Sermon or Initiation, but they quickly change in tone and outlook, with hateful words, taunts, slurs, and even outright combat being shared amongst those present. Fighting is encouraged. Healing and restitution is typically brought to bear after the fact, and then the feast begins, allowing liquor and laughter to close the wounds we had just torn in ourselves and one another.

Sacrament of Blood

Where the Sacrament of Hatred is a pot to boil over, the Sacrament of Blood is a rite of contest and pride, where challenge may be given to one another in a proof of capacity and prowess. Throughout the Sacrament, the leaders may sow encouragement with passages of strength and the virtue of power, on occasion bringing their own strength to bear.

The conclusion of this is found when one champion stands undefeated, titled as such, and then as prize given the right to first choice of which captive they desire to slay. Feasting is held as the last prisoner is disposed of, with a toast to the new or returning champion.

Sacrament of Ascension

At times one of the brethren will achieve great things, worthy of both recognition and celebration, whether this be on their own merit or at the expense of another. These festivities are focused to the character, where they may enjoy revelries with the knowledge that they have recognition from the other brethren.

As the victor, the one being celebrated has a say in what goes on during their reveries, making this a dynamic event indeed.


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