RP faux pas

There are a few mistakes that people can make in their roleplay. These are some of the more common ones, and some suggestions to help get past them if you’ve wandered into their territories.

If you make these mistakes, people will avoid you until you can stop it. This isn’t because of some form of ‘elitism’; you have made the gaffe. People avoiding you is a consequence of that, not a conspiracy against you.

  • Autoplay
    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Autoplay (autohitting and such) is surprisingly common given that no-one likes being told what they’re doing. Post what you are hoping to do, or setting out to do, not that you have already done it.

  • Doppelganger
    High Lord Saurfang wants to have words with the orc pretending to be him. By words, I mean axe. He wants to axe them a question.

Don’t be a major NPC. Don’t even be a minor NPC. Don’t have them pass you direct orders, or say they have given you a note, or that you’re their best friends, no.

Not only are you denying others potential RP, you are also “cheating” by skipping scenes of effort to “win” in whatever you are currently doing. We can’t argue with High Lord Saurfang or the personally signed execution orders from Sylvannas, and people won’t try to.

They will instead pretend that they didn’t see your post, and let you go back to playing with the NPCs like dolls in a creepy virtual tea party.

  • Godmode
    When given the choice, always be Batman.

Batman takes punches, people can break his back, and he is otherwise fallible. Batman is fun to play with. He has to share the spotlight, involve other people for support, and can make mistakes.

Superman is not fun to play with, unless everyone is also Superman.

Your character might be tough, but they’re not invincible – and even a paladin “bubble” can be broken. Put in as much effort to break out of a trap or deceit as what your attacker has in laying or sowing it. Take a few punches, and let other people have some fun at your expense from time to time.

If you don’t, people will lose interest, because you’re being immature, and killing the fun for the sake of your ego. RP will go on without you.

  • Mary Sue
    We get it, already. You’re beautiful and amazing. Next.

Consider your character’s personality and description like a map. If everything is high up, and you are a shining example of perfectly nice shiny goodness, with no flaws and a winning personality, you are a flat, bland terrain despite your altitude.

The same goes for everything being dark, edgelord.

Mix it up, a lot. An interesting map has hills and valleys, rivers and crags. Sprinkle some flaws on your perfection, and some winning points on your swamp of dark blood dark blade blood.

  • Munchkin
    There’s no reason for you to be all powerful. None.

All roleplay is consensual. You pass the ball (an emote or comment) and someone else catches it (response in emote or comment). They then reciprocate, and the cycle continues. This isn’t some hippie love circle, this is an engineering blueprint.

If you play that you have a thousand invisible guards at your beck and call, or that you have the strength of a thousand men, you are throwing a brick, not a ball. Keep the power level below nine thousand, Vegeta, and people will be happy to play with you.

If not, then they aren’t avoiding you because they’re “afraid”, it’s because you aren’t playing, you’re trying to win at their expense, and that’s not what RP is about. Go kill a raid boss if you need to feel all-powerful.

  • Outlander
    Everyone roll up for the hideous otherworldly freak!

You are in the world of Azeroth (or Draenor). You should be an orc, a troll, a zombie, whatever. You should then fit into the world seamlessly like a pizza roll fits into a microwave.

Your half demon dragon demigod who is secretly a spy for the Alliance after arriving from Nosgoth while wielding a lightsaber from the time they were a sith lord? No. No alien vampires, no dragons, no demons, nada.

If you have the skill to pull it off in secret, great. If you’re reading this and feeling dejected because I am spearing your current plot idea, then I don’t think you have that. Get some experience, play the normal, before you add the bizarre twist.

Otherwise, your “selling point” for your plot is that you are, without rancor, a freak. Don’t be a sideshow.

  • Overbloat
    You have six seconds to get a reader’s attention. Aaaand it’s gone.

In Australia, there is a sandwich spread called “vegemite”, and it’s best described as being soup stock in a jar. If you keep things aesthetically minimal when applying it, you can eat the sandwich, even if you don’t like the taste. Lay it on thick, and you won’t be able to keep from gagging.

This is a metaphor for your RP. Profiles, posting, doesn’t matter.

Don’t use a paragraph when a sentence will do.

Or, just use less.

If your character is long-winded, break the posts up to show that they’re rambling. The only people who will sit around for three and a half hours of your character interring the Complete Works of Shakespeare will be the ones too socially awkward to tell you to shut up.

RP faux pas

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