In the name of your strength, we guide you
And in your bondage, you shall learn freedom
In the light of your life, your destiny holds you
Let go of both, as these chains are bound in flesh
In these waters, your breath is severed
So too, are the chains released.

Let go your life, and accept it once more. Rise, be free of your destiny.

The mortal flesh of our short-lived races is destined for death. Our lives are dictated by beings that call themselves gods and act like children. This eternal link, this ethereal tyranny, can be sundered, setting you to the path of immortal power.

All the Master require of you, is your utter obedience.

The sacred rite of the Initiations is one of death and rebirth, obedience and freedom. Should you survive, you shall be one of the order. Your health, our health. Your pains, our pains. We shall have you as ourselves. Blood and ashes.


Cult of the Zenith Thoriendal