“I see no reason to let them sit idle” – Zenithas Tho’renias

The first event most cultists will take part in are the Initiations, where death and eternity are to be put into perspective. Sermons are simply a short reading of the teachings of the Cult and may be held before any Sacrament, Slaughter, or Taking. Many others will encounter the cult first through one of their many Festivals throughout the year.

Regularly, the Sacraments of Hatred will provide an outlet for the bloodlust of the brethren, while the Sacraments of Blood provide a means by which pride is validated. The Sacraments of Ascension are rites by which the cult celebrates an increase of prestige. Those who lose prestige do not enjoy a celebration, but rather are enjoyed by others who take their place.

Slaughters are exactly as they sound – a bloodletting of the enemies of the cult, and by proxy, of the Horde, taking place in fields of battle and as guerrilla strikes on enemy towns and supply centers. Takings are a close relative here, though with a goal of raiding for slaves and valuables over simple extermination.

The higher rituals are not for your eyes. Trust in your brethren, initiate.


Cult of the Zenith Thoriendal