No addons are required for Cult members, but are highly recommended. This list is exhaustive, and though care is taken to ensure that lightweight mods are suggested, a full list load will impact on performance. has a decent program for helping to make installing mods simple.


Gryphonheart Items is an older interface that allows players to create model-less items and effects that can be seen by other players who have the addon; custom bag equipment, auras, debuffs, and similar.

MogIt is considered a “must have” for RPers who enjoy the transmog features introduced in Cataclysm. MogIt allows players to browse a massive database of equipment, and then save particular preview sets for later use. MogIt also interacts with the transmog window, allowing you to automate the selection and save you the hassle of picking out of a large equipment list. Links displaying premade sets of gear can also be shared via in-game chat channels.

MyRolePlay and Total RP 3 are two exclusively alternative approaches to the “RP Profile” niche. MRP takes a “light, nonintrusive” approach which makes it more compatible with other addons, while TRP gives more options at a cost of potentially causing conflicts. FlagRSP is a third option, though it falls behind in both features and resource usage, and so is not recommended.

PetEmote will randomly create emote messages based on your hunter, warlock, frost mage, or unholy death knight’s pet, giving a bit more interaction with what amounts to a permanent NPC following you around.

RP Combat Dice allows a tabletop-style RP conflict and challenge resolution that makes use of server-side RNG to emulate virtual dice. This allows players who do not wish to actually duel for various reasons (group combat, gear differences, disliking PvP, etc) to have a method of dealing with conflict, and for storytellers to work with NPC combat. A command list gives a full collection of slash commands that can be used for this addon.

Storyline allows a much more immersive method of quest interaction, reminiscent of older RPGs and competing MMOs that offer a more in-depth method of conversing with NPCs.

Tongues is what many RPers would consider a ‘must’, allowing your characters to learn new languages and use them, as well as automate accenting.


Avenger’s Nemesis Groups helps to coordinate Ashram raids for the Nemesis quests players may be on. By whispering “avn Human” or other Nemesis race to a raid leader/helper who has this addon, you will be shifted to the appropriate group for easy Nemesis gain.

BG Defender is a lightweight mod that allows you to quickly report if there are players incoming at your current point, if you need help, and if the location is safe. Highly useful in ‘capture the flag’ battlegrounds such as Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm.

BattlegroundSpiritReleaser is a tiny addon that will instantly release you from your corpse when you die in a battleground, so you can make use of spirit healers that may be about to go off.

Battleground Stat Tracker monitors your honorable kills, killing blows, and deaths – both within that battleground and for your session. Pairs well with FemaleAnnouncer for a bit of not so politically correct auditory encouragement, UT3 style.

Capping is a mod some find intrusive, that tracks common timers across battlegrounds, event timers for Ashram, and battle timers until lockout PvP zones such as Wintergrasp and Tol Barad are active. It displays these timers as increasing bars which can be control-clicked to broadcast that detail into /bg (eg; “Stonehearth Bunker 1:06”). As a downside, it can be finicky to interact with and take up space for players who use a larger UI scale.

DeadlyBossMods monitors a variety of different status effects, cooldowns, and other timers that can be useful in raiding situations. In PvP, paired with DBM-PvP, DBM-Spelltimers, and DBM-Interrupts, DeadlyBossMods will also track longer-cooldown spells for members of your battleground or arena, as well as tell you who has already used interrupts (and if they are currently on cooldown).

DontCast simply warns you if you are casting a spell or using an ability on someone who is immune or highly resistant to damage, such as Divine Shield, Touch of Karma, or Dispersion.

GearRenter assists with gearing through regions like battlegrounds or Ashram by tracking gear that is still available for honor or conquest refund. Just open the vendor, click the new icon on the top corner, and let it adjust your gear accordingly. Please be aware, some confusion lurks about whether it will track secondary gear (such as for an off-spec) appropriately, or refund it ‘helpfully’ for you.

Healers Have To Die is another simple mod, this one enabling players to quickly mark enemy and friendly healers’ nameplates, to know when a friendly healer is under attack, to broadcast the names of enemy healers to /bg or /p chat, and to even mark enemy healers with raid markers if possible.

HideNPCTracking stops NPCs from being tracked with your “Track Humanoids” ability, allowing you to see only players. /hidenpc toggle will turn tracking back on for the times you need to scout for humanoid NPCs.

HonorGold helps you burn excess honor points for gold by talking to one of the Brutal gear vendors, in Orgrimmar (or Stormwind, filthy Alliance scum), Dalaran, or Tanaris. It automatically buys Brutal Gladiator’s Mutilators; 4000 honor (all but 10 spent) will buy you 610 gold worth of spare daggers. You can then transfer these to your bank manually, or type /honorgold deposit to have the addon do it for you. Once they will return gold rather than honor, visiting the bank will withdraw them once more, and you can make your gold.

KuiNameplates is a simple nameplate-modifying mod with simple features to notify you of enemy health status, cooldowns, current buffs & debuffs, and even if they count for your Nemesis quest.

Premade Group Finder improves premade group searching for solo play, enabling you to quickly isolate garrison bosses, rares, and Ashram queues with minimal fuss.

Spy and PredatorFrames are tracking addons which notify you combinations of: enemy players, the class and/or spec of those players, whether they have entered stealth, what cooldowns they still have, and/or where they were last reported seen on your map (which enables enemy player tracking in battlegrounds).

VoiceServerPrint tracks ventrilo, teamspeak, and mumble IP, password, and port information across servers and characters, and then enables you to post that information to group chat.

RP & PvP

PvPermanent flags you for PvP on every occasion it can, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attack. Due to Blizzard’s control algorithms, this (along with manual flagging) may sometimes be overriden by the server.

SpeakinSpell is a more difficult mod to set up, though quite powerful once underway. It monitors game activity for various preset triggers (successfully cast Shadowbolt, you are sapped, talk to a vendor, miss a target with Moonfire, etc) and then selects a message to send in various chat channels. This can allow RPers to emote through combat, describing their attacks and injuries through scripting, and it can allow PvP notifications for things such as being incapacitated or locked down. Of course, most of the ‘default’ messages will need to be wiped when you first start using it, as the mod was intended to be ‘silly’, rather than ‘immersive’.


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